Welcome to Arnica Clinic! 

We are happy to schedule your first 30 min. consultation to discuss the expectations from working with the  colon hydrotherapist at Arnica Clinic:

  • Colon hydrotherapy is not an one time fix for your life long condition
  • We would expect you to make a commitment to your health maintenance routine. 
  • Self observation and regular feedback is essential in order to determine your individual maintenance schedule and best treatment options for your condition

What to expect at your consultation:

Your consultation is a chance for us to determine if Colon Hydrotherapy will be a good addition to your health maintenance routine. We will not be doing the procedure during this appointment. 

  • Allow 30 minutes for your appointment and come prepared with questions, concerns and misgivings you may have about Colon Hydrotherapy.
  • Come prepared to make a decision and have a monthly budget in mind.  We will be going over all of our options
  • We only have a limited amount of openings for new clients. We understand that we may not be a fit and we are okay with a no. Therefore, please talk with your partner, if applicable, beforehand.
  • Prepayment for your appointment will be required to secure your spot in the schedule 

I look forward to meeting with you and getting started on your journey to better health!

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Thank you.